If it is not conversation, then it is not Really Effective marketing


REM provides Really Effective Marketing advice to businesses who sell to large retailers around the world…

Here are some of the retailers we have helped businesses to secure meetings, proofs of concepts or sales with in just the last 6 months:

Abercrombie & Fitch, adidas, All Saints, American Golf, AS Watson, B&Q, Body Shop, Boots, Card Factory, Co-op, Cotton On, GAP, Halfords, JD Sports, John Lewis, Leisure Pass Group, Matalan, Matches Fashion, New Look, Next, Nike, One Stop, Richemont, River Island, Sainsbury, Sports Direct, Superdry, Tesco, The Hut Group, Travis Perkins, Waitrose, William Hill…

Simply put, we probably know and deal with more retailers around the world than any other marketing agency. And we have unparalleled access through media and personal connections. So if that is the sort of knowledge and expertise you would like working for you, then please get in touch.


We are well known in the retail industry and have an extensive network of contacts – not just people who have heard of our brand, but senior decision makers and influencers with whom we are on first name terms.

We know what makes retailers tick. We know what gets their attention and ignites their enthusiasm. And we also know what gets their backs up.

So, when discussing with you how we can help you achieve your goals we use our insight to focus quickly on those things that we know are working now and avoid wasting time on outdated strategies and tactics.


Perhaps you want help selling an existing product or service in the post pandemic era. Maybe you are developing new offerings and want to get retailer input. Or you might want to partner with a suitable retailer to jointly develop and test something new. And then again, you may be defending market share against aggressive competition.

Through no fault of their own, many businesses have found themselves struggling in the post pandemic era. Sales and marketing approaches that have served them well are no longer cutting through and they are struggling to find new opportunities.

The pandemic has been a great leveller. Suddenly the market place is faced with new sets of problems and is casting about looking for solutions. Established reputation is no longer a guarantee of future success. It is the lithe, dynamic and responsive businesses that innovate and communicate quickly and effectively with beleaguered retailers who are the real winners.

That’s where our experience and depth of knowledge is so helpful to our clients. We know which tools work and leave the ones that don’t for others to waste their time on.